Car Donation: Lending a Hand to the Less Fortunate

Donating to charities isn’t just for the wealthy or the high-profile. You don’t have to be famous to give. Actively participating in charity events may not be your thing, but everyone gets to a point where a good, serviceable but old armoire or a working washing machine may need to be replaced by a newer or updated style.  What, then, would you do with them? There are organizations that work with charities to accept your donations.

You can also donate your car if reselling or trading it seems to be too much of a hassle for you. Not only do you manage to get your car off your property and need not have to worry about it anymore, but you also get to help any charity you want from the proceeds of the sale. There are organizations that help facilitate the sale of car donations so that the money proceeds can be enjoyed by the targeted charities.

Donating a car can also benefit you in terms of tax deductions; tax deductions for donated cars have been made simpler by the IRS in recent years—the thing to remember is that $500 is the minimum deduction for a car donation. If the car sells for more than $500. the amount you may take as a charitable deduction will be based on the sale price of the vehicle. It is important to keep your tax records, including all the receipts related to your car donation.


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