Say Goodbye: Three Ways to Dispose of Your Old Car

No matter how people love their cars, there comes a time when they’ll have little use for it and will decide to give them up. Whether it’s due to increased cost of upkeep or that they have their eye set on a replacement, the options for disposing one’s old car are limited. Here are three ways many opt to do when it’s time for them to say goodbye to their old ride.

  • Selling. The most popular option, of course, is direct selling. If the car is still running and in reasonably good shape, you can quite likely get a reasonable price for your car. One way to sell is to advertise your car through Craigslist or other online platforms. Another option is to check in with a local car dealer who might be able to give you a bonus and credit the price of the old car for a new one that you intend to buy.

  • Scrapping. Selling isn’t an option if your car doesn’t run, though. Having a junk yard pick up your old car and render it down to its component parts is a green solution that many can approve of. Even if it doesn’t run, a car has a lot of metal parts that can be put to use.

  • Donating. If you want to put your car to better use, and you’re feeling extra generous, you can donate your car. Get a receipt for it and file the appropriate form—you can claim a tax deduction for your generosity.


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