Beware of Car Donation Fraud

People with good intentions are often double-crossed by those with ill will. This especially holds true when it comes to car donations. People who just want to help charities sometimes fall victim to car donation fraud that deprives legitimate charities of the contributions that they need to keep functioning. But you can be an intelligent car donor, and you can make a difference.

An example of fraud is a tricky car donation deal, such as a company that offers a tax deduction in exchange for your car donation. Normally, a percentage of the profit should go to the charity, but the fraud company will only give a small percentage and keep the rest. Another is the e-mail scam, where fake charities solicit car donations. There other cons out there that take advantage of those who don’t know how to properly donate their vehicles.

Before donating your car, make sure to contact the charity and check their legitimacy via the IRS. You can also research about their cause, and you can visit their office personally. Know how the charity handles donations and where all of their funds go.

Don’t be discouraged to help others in need. Be smart with your car donation and give a part of yourself to the underprivileged today.


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